The only place you can find the truth is in your conscience and your heart.

Photo by Ron Lach

Let your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you.

Photo by Stacy Brumley

Doubt everything…find your own light… – Siddhartha Gautama Boeddha

Phot by Daria Shevtsova

Relax and have faith in your life. You discover your career, you find the right relationship, you become the person you always wanted to be. Don’t forget to appreciate who you are now. Everything will be fine.

Photo by Artem Beliailkin

To discover the truth requires separation from the herd. And that alone is enough to frighten man more than death. Because man is a herd animal. – Soren Kierkegaard

Photo by Krzysztof Kowalik

Finding the truth, that is, approaching the truth, would not be so difficult if we were less cowardly. In many cases we dare not know what is true. – Multatuli

Photo by Moose Photos

A wise man can always be found alone. A weak man can always be found in a crowd.

Photo by Keegan Houser

My religion is seeking the truth… even though I know I will never find it. – Miguel de Unamuno

Photo by Bea Arnold

Either I’ll find a way, or I’ll make one. – Philip Sidney

Photo by Gerd Altmann

The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil. – Marcus Tullius Cidero

Photo by Tom Barrett

Ethical axioms are found and tested not very differently from the axioms of science. Truth is what stands the test of experience. – Albert Einstein

Photo by v2osk

All perception of truth is the detection of an analogy. – Henry David Thoreau

Photo by Ron Lach

The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it. – Ayn Rand

Photo by Shrikesh Kumar

I guess sometimes you have to lie to find the truth. – Scott Westerfeld

Photo by Paul Hermann

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. – Galileo Galilei

Photo by Taryn Elliott

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. – Bernice Reagon

Photo by Mike Foster

If we ‘swim’ and glide on the surface of life, we are like sewage floating in the whirlpool of life. But if we sink in and reach the depths, we find the meaning of existence, the plan of development for creation. The we realize that we are in fact, the most unique creatures in the universe.

Photo by Daisa TJ

I looked in temples, churches, and mosques. But I found the Divine within my heart.

Photo by Andrew Pinner

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