The bitter lessons of the past must be continually re-learned. – Albert Einstein

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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It is costly wisdom that is bought by experience. – Roger Ascham

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The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. – Siddharta Gautama Buddha

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Nobody has it easy. Everybody has issues. You never know what people are going through. So pause before you start judging, mocking, or criticizing others. Everybody is fighting their own unique war.

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Experience is in the fingers and head. The heart is inexperienced. – Henry David Thoreau

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Ethical axioms are found and tested not very differently from the axioms of science. Truth is what stands the test of experience. – Albert Einstein

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The meaning I picked, the one that changed my life: Overcome fear, behold wonder. – Richard Bach

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I fall, I rise, I make mistakes. I live, I learn, I’ve been hurt but I’m alive. I’m human, I’m not perfect but I’m thankful.

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All our talents increase in the using, and every faculty, both good and bad, strengthen by exercise. – Anne Brontë

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Religion is for people who fear hell. Spirituality is for people who have been there.

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What if…everything you are going through prepares you for who you are meant to be.

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Never regret a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and the best days give memories. 

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Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance. – Henri Bergson

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I’ve learned a lot this year…I learned that things don’t always turn out the way you planned, or the way you think they should. And I’ve learned that there are things that go wrong that don’t always get fixed or get put back together the way they were before. I’ve learned that some broken things stay broken, and I’ve learned that you can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as you have people who love you.

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I never lose. I either win or learn. – Nelson Mandela

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Door Peter

Mensenmens, zoon, echtgenoot, vader, opa. Spiritueel, echter niet religieus. Ik hou van golf, wandelen, lezen en de natuur in veel opzichten. Onderzoeker, nieuwsgierig, geen fan van de mainstream media (MSM).

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