The bigger the gorge, the more beautiful the bridge you can build between them.

Photo by James Forbes

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. – Morpheus (The Matrix)

Photo by Bea Arnold

The difference between a stupid man and a wise one is the stupid man’s inability to calculate the consequences of the action. The same goes for government. – Brian Penton


There is a difference between happiness and wisdom: he that thinks himself the happiest man is really so; but he that thinks himself the wisest is generally the greatest fool. – Francis Bacon

Photo by prettysleepy1

Dreams and reality are opposites. Action synthesizes them. – Assata Shakur

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado

A child is like a butterfly in the wind.
Some fly higher than others, but all fly as best they can.
So how do they compare?
Each of them is different, special and wonderful.

Photo by Evie Shaffer

Death is no more than passing from one room to another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see. – Helen Keller

Photo by Luke Collinson.
Explanation: Helen Keller was a blind writer

There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth. – Maya Angelou

Photo by Carlos Muza

Beware of any belief or ideology that promotes division between you and your fellow human beings. – Lori Deschene

Photo by unknown

The difference between animals and humans is that we can see, analyze, and appreciate the fabric that nature has created. If we could look at the big picture and see that we, humanity, form a diverse fabric that is just as beautiful as nature’s wildlife, we wouldn’t be at each other’s throats. On the contrary, we would appreciate and value the differences.

Photo by Rudolf Kirchner

The level of disunity in the world impacts the intensity and frequency of disasters. Now all that’s left is to fight against our egos, which separate and thereby kill us.

Photo by unknown

We don’t always need to agree with one another. But we should try our best to behave with respect for one another. – Karen Salmonsohn

Photo by tinybuddha

You laugh at me ‘cos I’m different, I laugh at you ‘cos you’re all the same. – Jonathan Davis

Photo by unknown

Always demand a deadline. A deadline weeds out the extraneous and the ordinary. It prevents you from trying to make it perfect, so you make it different. Different is better. – Kevin Kelly

Photo by Kevin Ku


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